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Dark Star


Dark Star Dragon Fruit is a fast-growing hybrid variety crossed between Hylocereus guatemalensis and Hylocereus undatus.

The fruits can weigh close to 2 lbs and are incredibly tasty, with a brix rating reaching over 21. The flavor is deep, sweet, and refreshing, with a grape/lychee taste. The texture is very smooth, juicy, and melting with a low seed count. The flesh is a bright and vibrant magenta color.

It has long skinny bracts or fins that make it especially attractive. White elaborate flowers bloom only at night. Grow Dragon Fruit in well-drained soils, in full sun to partial shade. Water this cactus regularly and do not allow the soil to dry out between watering. Clade: Eudicots
Order: Caryophyllales
Family: Cactaceae
Subfamily: Cactoideae
Genus: Selenicereus
Species: S. undatus


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+91 9846998625

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